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Dragalia Lost – Kindness and Captivity event, The Desert Jewel and the Abyssal Flame Summon Showcase now live

Posted on October 31, 2018 by (@Sonicb00m111) in Mobile, News

To coincide with the start of the Kindness and Captivity raid event that kicked off tonight, a new Summon Showcase is now available in-game that introduces some new adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints within Dragalia Lost.

This summoning focus is set to be live from today until November 14th. The highlighted additions are detailed below.

・Lv 80/80
・HP 754
・Strength 505
・Might 2499

■Adventurer details:
A youth on a journey from a foreign land. He’s an apt student of swords and lithomancy—a magic that uses the mana contained in gems.
His modest and easy-going nature makes him popular, but he’s oddly awkward with women.

・Crystalline Blades
Deals flame damage to enemies directly ahead, and shoots flame blades relative to the number of times “Radiant Bauble” has been used.
This skill can be enhanced up to five times.

・Radiant Bauble
Activates “Crystalline Blades Buffed”.
Increases the user’s defense by 15% for 10 seconds,and enhances the skill “Crystalline Blades” for the remainder of the quest.
The skill can be enhanced up to five times.

・Dragon Haste +15%
Increases dragon gauge fill rate by 15%.
Benefits your whole team.

・Slayer’s Strength +6%
Increases strength by 6% for every five enemies defeated (up to five times per quest).

・Sleep Res +100%
Reduces susceptibility to sleep by 100%.

・Skill Prep +100%
Fills 100% of skill gauges at the start of quests.

・ These are the stats for maximum level with all mana circles unlocked. They do not represent the stats when first obtained.

・Lv 100/100
・HP 369
・Strength 127
・Might 996

■Dragon details:
The fire-wielding gatekeeper of the underworld.
A free spirit, she often shirks her work in favor of play.
The sentient, puppet-like dogs on her handsare called Coco and Mimi, and their intelligence allows them to speak and attack on their own.

・Infernal Damnation
Deals flame damage to the target and nearby enemies, and inflicts burn and reduces their strength and defense by 5% without fail.

・(Flame) Strength +60%
If the user is attuned to Flame:
increases strength by 60%.

・ These are the stats for maximum level, fully unbound, and maximum bond. They do not represent the stats when first obtained.

Lv 100/100
HP 176
Strength 64
Might 380

・Skill Haste +6%
Increases skill gauge fill rate by 6%.

・HP 70% = Strength +8%
Increases strength by 8% when HP is 70% or above.

*These represent stats when fully unlocked.

Lv 100/100
HP 187
Strength 53
Might 360

・HP 70% = Healing +13%
Increases the potency of recovery skills by 13% when HP is 70% or above.

・Last Defense +40%
Increases defense by 40% for 15 seconds when HP drops to 30% (once per quest).

*These represent stats when fully unlocked.


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