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Dragalia Lost

Some new content has just come to Dragalia Lost in the form of a main campaign update, a new Primal Dragon Trial and more. Check out the details on these events below the break:

Dragalia Lost has some events returning this week, including the Sigil Spotlight and 5-Star Platinum Showcases that happened a couple of weeks ago. Check out the details below the break:

Dragalia Lost has added a new epilogue to the Advent of the Origin Raid Event, and it will be live until April 22, 2022. This is running alongside a revival of the Sands of Revelation defensive event that will be also last until April 22.

Additionally, there is a Gala Dragalia Remix live now featuring the 5-star adventurers Civilian Leif (light/sword) and Gala Audric (light/axe). This Gala Dragalia Remix will be live until April 18, 2022, and specifics about the featured adventurers can be found below.

Several new events have just gone live in Dragalia Lost, consisting of a new Sigil Spotlight and a whopping five new Platinum Showcases. Firstly, the new Sigil Spotlight allows you to obtain adventurers Humanoid Mercury and Humanoid Jupiter, as well as dragon Midgardsormr Zero. For the duration of this showcase, players may exchange wyrmsigils for any of the 5★ adventurers or dragons listed above. You can check out more details about those characters here.

Next, Platinum Showcases are now available for each of the game’s respective elements, Flame, Water, Wind, Light and Shadow. Platinum Showcases guarantee a 5★ element-attuned adventurer within each tenfold summon, but can only be performed twice, and only with Diamantium. Here are the list of adventurers available for each elemental Platinum Showcase, along with links for more details on each character’s stats:

The Gala Dragalia is live now in Dragalia Lost. This summoning event has the newly added 5-star adventurers Bondforged Zethia (light/wand) and Bondforged Prince (wind/sword). This event will last until April 6, 2022 and the full adventurer details can be viewed below.

Dragalia Lost has released its newest update for mobile devices (version 2.18.2). This update fixes a small bug with an adventurer’s name showing up incorrectly. 

Version 2.18.2, which addresses the following issue, was released around 03/30/2022 at 01:00.

■Issue Addressed
・The adventurer Bondforged Prince’s name is displayed as “{player_name}” on the Summon Results screen and certain details screens.

If you encounter this issue, please update your game to version 2.18.2.

The update is available to download now from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.


A few new event are making their way to Dragalia Lost. The first of these is a new raid event, Advent of the Origin. Up to four players with four adventurers each can team up together in the event to tackle challenging raid bosses and earn unique rewards, including new adventurer Origa. The event will run from March 30 to April 15, with more details found here.

The second big event is a Gala Dragalia featuring two new adventurers, Bondforged Zethia and Bondforged Prince, which is going live tomorrow, March 31. This Gala Dragalia will be live until April 6. Additionally, the A Waltz with Fate raid event revival has received a new epilogue, which you can view in-game until April 6.

As a reminder, this is unfortunately some of the last new content Dragalia Lost will be receiving before it shuts down in the near future.

A whole host of new events have recently been made available in Dragalia Lost, including a Gala Dragalia, new Primal Dragon Trial, anniversary celebration and more! Check out what’s new below the break:

A new Gala Dragalia is now live in Dragalia Lost. This summoning event is featuring two new characters, the adventurer Gala Nedrick and dragon primal Brunhilda. A trailer was released alongside them for promotion, You can have a look at both at both the characters and the trailer below.

Dragalia Lost is nearing the end of its service, and so its main campaign is also finishing up. To give people a little sneak peek at what these final two chapters have to offer, a preview trailer has gone up that shows off some of the story and characters that will be featured in these closing chapters.

Check out the Dragalia Lost Chapters 25 and 26 preview below the break.

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