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After much anticipation, the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes Summon Showcase is now live in Dragalia Lost.
As previously revealed, five-star Adventurers Earth, Fjorm, and Veronica are now available for summoning in the game. 

In partial celebration to the new Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event in Dragalia Lost, Cygames has also started a new Twitter campaign for players to retweet and earn in-game rewards.

The campaign period is set to last now until May 6th. In total, there are four tiers of retweets that can be reached in order for players to receive increased goodies. The details are included below:

  • 3 000 Retweets: 100 Gold Crystals
  • 5 000 Retweets: 100 Gold Crystals and 100 Succulent Dragonfruit
  • 8 000 Retweets: 100 Gold Crystals, 100 Succulent Dragonfruit and 100 Gold Whetstones
  • 10 000 Retweets: 100 Gold Crystals, 100 Succulent Dragonfruit, 100 Gold Whetstones and 100 Consecrated Water

In addition, 12 players will be selected at random to receive one of each five-star Dragon that has appeared in the game up until April 25th.
The indicated tweet is embedded below, as well:

Following up on new details for Dragalia Lost’s Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event from a few days ago, Nintendo has published a new trailer showcasing the characters and gameplay coming to the mobile title.

Those interested can view the new footage below.

A new software update is now available for Dragalia Lost, bringing the game up to Version 1.7.1.

The patch introduces some new co-op functions, as well as AI adjustments and a handful of other changes.Those interested can view the official patch notes below.

Nintendo and Cygames have shared more information about what’s planned for the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes in Dragalia Lost. Among other things, the defensive battles event format will be starting.

Here’s the full rundown:

Cygames has confirmed that a new Summon Showcase is landing in Dragalia Lost on April 18th, titled “Visions of Amity”.

The event is set to last until April 26th. The set will feature the adventurers and dragons Sylas, Pazuzu, and Yue.

A video on the showcase shared by Cygames can be viewed below.

Cygames has confirmed a couple of new additions coming to Dragalia Lost on April 18th, including chapter 8 of the main story campaign — along with a new Event Quest titled High Mercury’s Trial.
Both updates will remain in the game permanently after release. High Mercury’s Trial is set to be added to the Advanced Dragon Trials, indicating that it will be an exceptionally challenging quest.

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A new Dragon Special Summon Showcase is now live in Dragalia Lost.

The set will be available until April 17th. It will feature three five-star summons, including Leviathan, Cupid, and Garuda.

Images of the summons can be viewed below.

Nintendo and Cygames have dated the recently-announced Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event for Dragalia Heroes. It’ll be going live following maintenance that starts on April 25 at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET. Maintenance should end on April 25 at 10:59 AM PT / April 26 at 1:59 AM ET.

In other news, Summon Showcase: Dragon Special has been announced. We also have information about changes to summoning. Find the full rundown below.

Cygames has confirmed that a new enemy will be coming to Void battles in Dragalia Lost in the form of Void Agni starting on April 12th.

Those interested can view artwork on the new enemy above.