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Dragalia Lost – main game Ch. 10, Knights of Glory Summon Showcase coming September 12

Posted on September 11, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in Mobile, News

Chapter 10 of the main game, as well as a new Knights of Glory Summon Showcase, will be added to Dragalia Lost tomorrow, September 12th.

Chapter 10 has been titled as “Resurgent Despair”. The Summon Showcase will run until September 19th. Those interested can view details on the set below.

Appearance rates for featured adventurers and dragons will be boosted during this showcase!
Availability period for featured summons:
1:00 AM, Sep 12, 2019 to 12:59 AM, Sep 19, 2019
Get a closer look at some of the featured adventurers and dragons below.
Featured adventurer:
  • Lv80
  • HP754
  • Strength505
Adventurer Details
  • A knight who served the Kingdom of Alberia.
    She bears an intense hatred for fiends due to
    an event in her past, and fights them with any
    means necessary. While she has a dignified
    presence, she also adores cute things.
Road to Glory
Deals flame damage to enemies directly ahead,
and inflicts burn.
Floral Revolution
Summons “Crimson Garden,” then deals flame damage
to enemies directly ahead. Additional bonus damage
will be dealt relative to the damage taken while
“Crimson Garden” is active.
Dragon Haste +15%
Increases dragon gauge fill rate by 15%.
Benefits your whole team.
Force Strike +50%
Increases force strike damage by 50%.
Stun Res +100%
Reduces susceptibility to stun by 100%.
Striking Haste +12%
Increases skill gauge fill rate by 12%
when the user’s force strikes connect.
The stats shown here do not include increases due to abilities and represent the adventurer at maximum level with all mana circles unlocked, not the stats when first obtained.
Featured dragon:
  • Lv100
  • HP369
  • Strength127
Dragon Details
  • A dragon who favors honorable combat, and the
    guardian of Apollonia. Daily skirmishes are held
    in that city, as fighters seeking honor and glory
    struggle to cultivate their skill and discipline
    through friendly competition.
Arrow of Glory
Deals flame damage to the target and nearby
enemies, inflicts burn, and reduces defense by 5%.
(Flame) Strength +50%
If the user is attuned to Flame:
increases strength by 50%.
(Flame) Burning Punisher +20%
If the user is attuned to Flame:
increases damage to burning enemies by 20%.
The stats shown here represent the dragon at maximum level, maximum bond, and fully unbound. They do not represent the stats when first obtained.

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