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Dragalia Lost – Void Battles coming February 22, three boss enemies revealed

Posted on February 19, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in Mobile, News

Following some details released earlier this month, Cygames has confirmed that Void Battles will go live in Dragalia Lost on February 22nd.

In addition, the first three boss enemies for the new mode have also been revealed. Information and art of each can be viewed below:

■Void Information #1
Wandering Shroom (Light), Required Might: 9,000
As if its Disperse ability wasn’t enough, its area-of-effect attack applies the paralysis affliction. That’s a fierce one-two punch!
■Void Information #2
Steel Golem (Flame), Required Might: 10,000
This powerful enemy harries its opposition with the dull affliction, which greatly decreases strength.
■Void Information #3
Void Zephyr (Wind), Required Might: 12,000
Zephyr has been corrupted by black mana, and attacks using the dull affliction and the dragon-delay affliction. The dragon-delay affliction greatly reduces the dragon gauge!

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