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Dragalia Lost – Windswept Warriors Summon Showcase begins August 31st

Posted on August 30, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in Mobile, News

A new Summon Showcase titled Windswept Warriors is coming to Dragalia Lost tomorrow, August 31st. 

The set will run until September 12th. More information and a trailer can be viewed below.

Appearance rates for featured adventurers and dragons will be boosted during this showcase!
Availability period for featured summons:
1:00 AM, Aug 31, 2019 to 12:59 AM, Sep 12, 2019
Get a closer look at some of the featured adventurers and dragons below.
Featured adventurer:
  • Lv80
  • HP781
  • Strength494
Adventurer Details
  • The commander of a mercenary band called the
    Shadewolves who were betrayed and annihilated
    by the Empire. This left him a shell of a man
    who gave up everything in the name of revenge.
    Where he goes, dark rumors follow.
Steel Formation
Deals wind damage to the target and nearby enemies,
inflicts bleeding, and activates “Skill Shift” if the attack
connects. Phase II adds an additional 3% increase to
the entire team’s water resistance for 20 seconds,
while Phase III also grants all teammates
a one-use shield that nullifies damage less
than 20% of the user’s maximum HP.
This does not stack with any other shields.
Lethal Stratagem
Deals wind damage to the target and nearby enemies,
and grants all teammates immunity to knockback
for 15 seconds.
Strength +10%
Increases strength by 10%.
Benefits your whole team.
HP 70% = Strength +13%
Increases strength by 13% when HP is 70% or above.
Bog Res +100%
Reduces susceptibility to bog by 100%.
Buff Time +30%
Increases duration of buff skills by 30%.
The stats shown here do not include increases due to abilities and represent the adventurer at maximum level with all mana circles unlocked, not the stats when first obtained.
Featured dragon:
  • Lv100
  • HP369
  • Strength126
Dragon Details
  • A swift dragon clad in gusting winds. He is
    distinguished by his speed, as the gales he
    unleashes become blades that cleave the very
    air itself. Though his rough and wild personality
    makes him seem violent, he’s actually quite kind.
Purusha Prana
Deals wind damage to enemies in a line, and increases
the damage dealt by the user’s next skill by 40%.
(Wind) Strength +20%
If the user is attuned to Wind: 
increases strength by 20%.
(Wind) Skill Damage +90%
If the user is attuned to Wind:
increases attack skill damage by 90%.

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