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Express Raider is the next Data East arcade game for Switch

Posted on July 5, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Flying Tiger Entertainment has confirmed the next Data East arcade release on Switch. Next week, Express Raider will be available on the eShop.

Here’s a brief overview:

Originally released in 1986, players begin the game as a bandit in a black hat. The goal is to rob the fastest train in the West, the Gold City Express. Starting in the thick of the action, players must brawl with a banker before hopping onto the speeding locomotive.

Once atop the moving train cars, players must fight their way past enemies to steal the loot. Dodging bullets, avoiding bottles and ducking under signs are just some of the obstacles encountered. Stages vary between fighting on top of the moving train cars and shooting at enemies while riding horseback.

With the Real Arcade Feel, Express Raider is a test of stamina and strength, as well as gunslinger skills.

Express Raider is due out on July 12 in North America, with Europe to follow. Pricing is set at $7.99, though you can pre-load for $6.99.

Source: Switch eShop

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