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Fairytale-like rhythm game Wonder Parade announced for Switch

Posted on August 14, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Wonder Parade

In collaboration with developer Studio Quare, X.D. Network today announced Wonder Parade for Switch. The fairytale-like rhythm game will be sold on the eShop.

Wonder Parade originally debuted on mobile platforms, but when it lands on Switch, the title “will be an even more improved version of the game, including not only the usual challenges and achievements, but also a story mode, unlockable new characters, and even new animations.”

Here’s an overview with additional details plus a trailer:

Wonder Parade revolves around a bunch of cute animals on a mysterious planet. You will play as their companion, play music with them and explore the unknown.

– Cute Art-style
With a lovely art-style that would suit most people’s taste, “Wonder Parade” takes you on a fresh rhythm game experience. The game also has multiple themes that would match the music, Pink Candy, Halloween, Ancient Chinese, and any you can think of!

– Excellent Music
A lot of songs are from famous composers.
There will be dozens of music and songs made by famous former composers worked for SEGA, KONAMI, TAITO, and many other Japanese game companies.

– Simple Control
Wonder Parade also has an easy to learn two-button control that would make jumping right in fairly simple!

– Rich Content
Not only the usual challenges and achievements for unlocking, but there will also be a fairytale-like story mode for you to go on a trip and get to know some more cute buddies.

X.D. Network has not yet said when Wonder Parade will be available on Switch.

Source: X.D. Network PR

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