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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water screenshots show new costumes for Switch release

Posted on August 22, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which first debuted on Wii U, will soon be appearing on Switch. The original lineup of costumes has been altered a bit, and while we won’t be seeing the Zero Suit Samus or Zelda costumes, there are new looks for Yuri, Miu and Ren.

Here’s the full lineup:

New Costumes List

  • Yuri Exclusive Costume: “Ryza Outfit” / “Ryza Hat”
  • Yuri Costume: Punk Ensemble
  • Yuri Costume: Cutesy Goth Ensemble (Black)
  • Yuri Costume: Swimsuit (Blue)
  • Yuri Costume: Triathlon Suit
  • Miu Costume: Miku Hinasaki Outfit (The Tormented)
  • Miu Costume: Cutesy Goth Ensemble (White)
  • Miu Costume: Swimsuit (Yellow)
  • Miu Costume: Swimsuit (Pink)
  • Ren Costume: Groom’s Outfit

New Accessories List

  • Yuri Costume: White Lily
  • Yuri Costume: Black Lily
  • Miu Costume: White Lily
  • Miu Costume: Black Lily
  • Yuri Costume: Maid’s Hairband
  • Miu Costume: Maid’s Hairband
  • Yuri Costume: “In This Cage” Ring
  • Miu Costume: “In This Cage” Ring

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water launches for Switch on October 28.


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