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Free Radical asking fans where they want TimeSplitters 4

Posted on September 17, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

TimeSplitters 4 could truly end up on any console. The previous TimeSplitters title ended up on the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube, so it is more than likely that Free Radical will follow up with a 360, PS3, and Wii release for TimeSplitters 4. However, Free Radical wants to know what the fans are interested in – A poll is up and running on the company’s website and is asking which console people wish to play the next TimeSplitters game on. As of the time of writing, the Wii is leading the poll with 65% while the PS3 and 360 are trailing with about 15% each. This poll could end up as being superfluous if Free Radical makes the decision to release TimeSplitters 4 on all platforms, but it would be interesting to know if the results will influence the development of the game in one way or another.

Thanks to Fernando for the news tip!


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