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Genyo Takeda isn’t fully stepping away from Nintendo

Posted on April 29, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Included with Nintendo’s latest financial results was news concerning longtime employee Genyo Takeda. Takeda, a “Technology Fellow” who worked at the company for well over 40 years, is retiring as of June.

Takeda isn’t leaving Nintendo entirely, however. President Tatsumi Kimishima addressed Takeda’s status during the Q&A session of a financial results briefing this week. According to Kimishima, he will still be on hand as an adviser, as Nintendo needs his support to educate younger staff. His relationships, experience, and knowledge are also key.

Kimishima reiterated the same comments with Nikkei, noting that Takeda is a very important talent and has been involved with the development of hardware down to Switch with his leadership. After his resignation, he will not only be supporting the development of new technology, but will also instruct younger staff.

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