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Glacier 2: Hell on Ice

Posted on March 16, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

London 16th March 2009 – Mamba Games, a new dynamic multi-platform video games publisher today announces the next project in their 2009 line-up with the worldwide publishing of ‘Glacier 2: Hell on Ice’ exclusive for the Nintendo Wii developed by Team 6 Studios.

Due for a September 2009 release ‘Glacier 2: Hell on Ice’ is Mamba Games first Wii project with 2 more due to be announced shortly.

Jason Codd, Commercial Director of Mamba Games quotes “We are thrilled to be working on our first global Wii game and ‘Glacier 2: Hell on Ice’ fits with our strategy perfectly. The visuals are stunning for the Nintendo Wii and the playability is crazy, manic and is a huge amount of fun”
‘Glacier 2: Hell on Ice’ starts at the very top of the Alps: Are you ready to reach insane top speeds by driving down the mountains of death?

While it goes faster and faster downhill, watch out for dangerous cliffs, dodge falling rocks, go aim your rockets, heat up your machineguns and deploy mines to take out your opponents and finish first place!

‘Glacier 2: Hell on Ice’ is an arcade combat racing game which takes you to hell and back. Make sure you are faster than your opponents or you can blow them to bits with an arsenal of weaponry. Make your way across the ice, survive incredible jumps, and eliminate your opponents!!

‘Glacier 2: Hell on Ice’ offers an advanced effect system specially designed for the Nintendo Wii to bring the arcade-action really alive! Various insane vehicles are yours to choose from, all with their own characteristics and weapons. Snipers, shot guns, machine guns, chain guns, everything is possible as long as it does heavy damage and take you to victory!

WARNING: This is not for the faint hearted!!!

Glacier 2

Selling Points
– Over the top combat racing action.

– Incredible jumps, spins and mass of destruction!

– 7 fully tuned super rides, all equipped with various, deadly weapons

– 18 ice cold levels full of traps, cliffs, mines, falling rocks, canyons and spectacular jumps.
– Full support and designed specifically for Nintendo Wii Remote

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