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Google cracks down on hidden triforces in logos

Posted on July 21, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Recently, a few gamers came across a triforce that was embedded in a Google logo. Upon further inspection, however, the Zelda symbol could be detected in a majority of other atypical images that the company once used in honor of special holidays/events. If you were to look now though, it appears as though all traces of the triforce have vanished. So, there was obviously something there that Google picked up on and have since changed the logos slightly as far as we can tell.

You might be wondering, how do we even know that’s a triforce? Well, the artist of the Google images, Susie Sahim, has a blog that certainly points to the use of the symbol in each of her pictures as a nod to the classic Nintendo franchise. A trio of Zelda drawings can be viewed on the website and there is also a picture of Ms. Sahim dressed in a Link costume. We obviously cannot say without absolute assurance that the design is in fact a triforce, but the chances are very high.

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