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Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun on the way to Switch

Posted on February 22, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun first debuted on the PSP in September 2011 in Japan. The visual novel is now seeing new life on additional platforms, including Switch.

The remastered version of Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun will feature updated image sizes and some revised portraits and CG images. However, since it isn’t a remake, there won’t be additional story routes.

VNDB provides the following overview of Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun:

The story follows Sawai Kaori who almost died in a traffic accident at the age of 10 but was revived by hospital staff. Ever since then, Kaori became determined to take up ‘nursing’ as her means of saying thanks to the doctors who rescued her. And so at the age of 21, she begins her journey as a nurse…

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