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Immersive sci-fi sim Ctrl Alt Ego planned for Switch

Posted on May 31, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Ctrl Alt Ego

Following its initial stint on PC, Ctrl Alt Ego is now getting a new version for consoles – including Switch. Klabater will be responsible for porting, though the company has yet to determine a release window.

Ctrl Alt Ego, an immersive sci-fi sim with a first-person perspective, has players transmitting their disembodied consciousness between robots and devices to exploit their capabilities.

For more information, read the following overview:

Ctrl Alt Ego is a first-person immersive simulator with a distinct British humor and science-fiction influence from the 70s/80s. In the game, the player transfers his disembodied consciousness between robots and devices uses their abilities to solve puzzles.

Key Features

  • There’s no inventory… the environment itself is your always-available on-demand diegetic inventory.
  • There is no ‘player death’ in Ctrl Alt Ego. Your invincible, disembodied ego always lives on. If your current host is toast, pick another and carry on.
  • Once you’ve ctrl’d a robot, it is yours to keep. Amass an army and bring it with you.
  • Use robots to get around the old fashioned way, or ‘hop’ from one side of an area to another in a near-instant.

Check out a trailer for Ctrl Alt Ego below.

Official Trailer

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