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The Signal From Tölva

Klabater, in partnership with Big Robot, announced plans to bring The Signal From Tölva to Switch. A release window was not provided.

Previously launched on PC, The Signal From Tölva is an open-world first-person shooter in which players unlock weapons and recruit robots to fight alongside them as rival factions struggle to discover the source of the mysterious signal. Further details can be found in the following overview:

Bio Inc. Redemption release date

Klabater and DryGin Studios shared a release date for the Switch version of Bio Inc. Redemption, and it’s arriving in just one week. It’ll be out on March 14, 2024.

Here’s the latest information about the game, courtesy of Klabater:

We have a final release date for Starward Rogue, a bullet hell twin-stick shooter. Switch will be getting it on January 25, 2024.

Developed by Arcen Games, Starward Rogue “immerses players in an enthralling bullet hell twin-stick shooter experience as they navigate the Megalith, a rogue-lite labyrinth embedded in the side of a star.” Further details can be found in the following overview:

Bio Inc.: Redemption

Klabater, in partnership with original developer DryGin Studios, has announced plans to port Bio Inc.: Redemption to Switch. A release window has not yet been decided.

Bio Inc.: Redemption is a realistic simulation and strategy game in which players make life or death decisions. There are eighteen different cases to go through, and it sounds like you can help your patients – or go down a dark path in the opposite direction. Multiplayer support is also included.

Starward Rogue

Klabater is partnering with Arcen Games to port Starward Rogue to Switch, the company has announced. A release window has not yet been determined.

Aside from porting, Klabater “is committed to exploring new localization options and addressing potential bugs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for console players.” The title itself is a bullet hill twin-stick shooter.

RIN: The Last Child delayed

Klabater and Space Fox Games have announced that RIN: The Last Child has been delayed.

The title was previously expected today. However, it has now been pushed back to Q4 2023 across all platforms.

RIN: The Last Child release date

RIN: The Last Child now has a release date across various platforms, including Switch. The title is due out on September 21, 2023 with Klabater handling publishing duties.

RIN: The Last Child was first announced in April 2022 and was planned for Q3 of that year. However, around a year ago, it was delayed to Q1 2023. The project ended up being pushed back once again, but we’re now only a couple of months away from launch.

Tin Can

The sci-fi survival sim Tin Can is in the works for Switch, publisher Klabater and developer Tin Can Studio have announced. A release window was not provided.

Here’s an official overview with more details about the game: update 1.0.4 recently came out with its latest update – specifically version 1.0.4.

More improvements, balance changes, and adjustments have been implemented. Some of the additions include the ability to deactivate and re-activate systems, new resource colors for wires, and the option to place multiple systems of the same kind in succession on the ASL grid.

The full patch notes for the version 1.0.4 update are as follows:

Kaiju Wars Switch

Starting today, Switch owners can get their hands on Kaiju Wars. It’s available digitally on the eShop.

Kaiju Wars was announced in March, and we knew it would be available sometime this year. The game is a turn-based strategy experience in which players construct buildings and take command of an army locked in a hopeless struggle to take down gigantic monsters of increasing power as they attack the city.

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