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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story details, screenshots, art – dungeons, systems, more

Posted on November 26, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Spike Chunsoft provided an update on Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story today. New details, screenshots, and art have surfaced covering the game’s dungeons, systems, and more.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Siliconera:

– One of the main features of the game are the procedurally generated dungeons, the Jikai
– The insides of the dungeons change every time you enter them
– There are some rules that it follows
– Every five floors there is an exit that goes back to the human world, but those floors have cursed spots where lots of monsters appear, and boss monsters which will block you path home
– There are two basic stat gauges you must look after: Health and Stamina
– If you lose all health, you fall unconscious and are forced back into the human world, losing everything you had on you
– Yellow Stamina gauge decreases when you run and attack
– You will also auto-regenerate Health when you have your katana sheathed at the cost of Stamina
– If you continue on with zero Stamina, a Reaper will come to try and hunt the player, and it’s up to you whether you find a way to regain Stamina, or just run to the next floor
– When you defeat enemies and gain EXP, you’ll increase your Dan rank
– This increases the your total Health and Stamina
– Dan rank resets whenever you return to the surface human world
– Katana levels are levels of proficiency with the katana equipped, and increase as you use it
– When reaching certain levels specified, you’ll unlock ‘Gou’ skills that give additional effects to the katana
– Effects include increasing critical chances and more
– Katana levels are retained throughout your entire playthrough
– The infamous dogeza poze from Way of the Samurai returns in this game
– It provides beneficial effects when used correctly
– You can prostate yourself in hopes that enemies will spare you, and you can also use this method to beg for more time to return your debt
– If you perform a dogeza in front of a goddess statue, you can choose to pray, and obtain a random effect
– You could obtain an amazing katana, or you might get more money added to your debt

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