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King of Seas “Monsters Update” out now on Switch, patch notes

Posted on November 19, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

King of Seas Monsters Update

King of Seas has gained a major patch, with publisher Team17 and developer 3DClouds readying the “Monsters Update” for the action RPG. It includes additional quests and new creature encounters, adjustments, fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes for the King of Seas Monsters Update:

  • Added sea monsters quest line 

    –  Several New quests to summon and fight mythical sea creatures in Tortuga. Reach the location to start your Journey. Both for low level pirates and lvl 60 ones!

  • Added legendary monster set 

    – You can now collect new legendary equipment from the Sea Monsters

  • 4 New Unique monsters to fight and loot!

    – Added boss fight: Basilisk
    – Added boss fight: Abyssal Fish
    – Added boss fight: Cursed Golem
    – Added boss fight: Kraken

  • Added guardian sharks near rare wreckships

     – Rare wreck ships are now protected by some ferocious sharks! Beware!

  • Added guardian crabs near rare buried treasures 

    – Crabs defend the buried treasures on the seaside! (Be careful they throw rocks!)

  • Added aesthetic encounters

     – The sea was a little too empty so we have added several new friendly encounters like whales, killer whales, fantastic creatures and more!

  • Modified the quest Rich Carpenter 

    – We have lowered the requirements of “Rich Carpenter quest”. Less gold is needed to complete it. Less farming for everyone!

  • Readjusted Exp Requirements

     – We have lowered the exp needed to reach level 60. You can now level up faster and reach the end game in a smoother way!

  • Kill those tentacles!

     – You can now hit the random kraken tentacle spawn to avoid them! Don’t get hit anymore!

  • Ability Balancing 

    – We nerfed Welcome to Hell, Deadly Wake and Haunted Ship abilities to have a better balance during ship fights

  • Various Bug Fixing
  • New sounds and graphical effects

And here’s a trailer for the King of Seas Monsters Update:

All players on Switch can access the new King of Seas Monsters Update now.


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