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May is going to be a busy month for Switch, and that’s expanding with one additional game. Team17 and Villa Gorilla have announced that the pinball platform adventure Yoku’s Island Express is launching on May 29. Pricing is set at $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99.

Today’s news is accompanied by a new developer diary which explores the game’s creation and the unique mechanics. We have that below, along with a general overview.

Yooka-Laylee celebrated its very first birthday this week. To celebrate, developer Playtonic shared a brief blog post here.

The big takeaways from the post are a couple of interesting teases. Playtonic says the team has been “far too busy working on covert goodness”. We’ll soon be hearing about “extra content for Yooka-Laylee” as well as “other stuff.”

What could “other stuff” be? A new game? Something else? Hopefully we’ll have more news to share soon.

Team17 and MakinGames were showing off Raging Justice at PAX this past week. Have a look at 10 minutes of footage from the Switch version below.

Raging Justice is coming to Switch on May 8, Team17 and MakinGames announced today. The two sides also revealed a new playable character: Ashley King, described as “a street-smart inner-city kid with a backpack full of whoop ass.”

Below is some additional information about Ashley:

Team17 and Reinkout announced Mugsters quite some time ago. But now the two companies have confirmed platforms, which includes Switch. Mugsters will be out sometime this summer.

Mugsters, a a physics-based action puzzle game, involves outsmarting hordes of enemies in sandbox levels with vehicles, environmental traps, and explosives. It’s set against the backdrop of an alien invasion.

We have more information about Mugsters below, along with a new trailer.

Team17 and Villa Gorilla have released the latest trailer for Yoku’s Island Express, available below. We’re introduced to the residents of Mokumana Island and some of their quests. These include Fosfor who craves tasty Cove Mushrooms, Ohm, Tilo and Jamja who are the mountaineers clambering the Mt. Peak trail, and Spina the Juice Master Jeepers.

Team17 has announced Planet Alpha, “an atmospheric side-scrolling platform adventure game.” The game offers a mix of exploration, puzzles, stealth mechanics, and a unique art style.

Planet Alpha is currently slated for Q3 of this year. View some additional details and a trailer below.

Team17 has sent out a new video for the Switch brawler Raging Justice. We have the “Bats, Shotguns and Bears!” trailer below.

Team17 and Villa Gorilla released a new trailer for Yoku’s Island Express focusing on the main character’s abilities. In the pinball platformer mashup, Yoku the dung beetle will be able to discover many quirky hidden abilities and collectibles to discover including:

• The Noisemaker, a party whistle that acts as Yoku’s postal horn
• The Slug Vacuum, capable of sucking up the pesky slugs that litter the island and utilising their explosive power to clear stubborn rocks and reveal new routes to explore
• Take the plunge with the Dive Fish, which will allow Yoku to dive the depths of the island
• & more

The new abilities trailer for Yoku’s Island Express can be found below.

Last year, a parntership between Team17 and Sold Out was announced. As part of the collaboration, a trio of Switch titles were planned for retail: Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, and Worms W.M.D.

Unfortunately, Team17 is no longer be pursuing a physical version of Worms W.M.D. A reason for this was not provided.

Overcooked and Yoku’s Island Express should be unaffected. In fact, Overcooked comes to retail on Switch next week.


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