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Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli announced for Switch

Posted on July 15, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli

Today, M2 announced that it’s bringing Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli to Switch. The “Toaplan Arcade Garage” series shoot ’em up collection is due out for Switch in Japan on October 28.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included:

Included in Both the Physical and Digital Editions

  • Kyukyoku Tiger (arcade version)
    • M2 Gadgets, Super Easy, and Arcade Challenge
  • Tiger-Heli (arcade version)
    • M2 Gadgets, Super Easy, and Arcade Challenge
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (two-player arcade version)
  • Twin Cobra (western arcade version of Kyukyoku Tiger)

Included in the Physical Edition + Downloadable Content

  • Get Star (arcade version)
  • Guardian (western arcade version of Get Star)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Famicom version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (PC Engine version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Mega Drive version)
  • Twin Cobra (NES version)
  • Twin Cobra (Genesis version)
  • Tiger-Heli (Famicom version)
  • Tiger-Heli (NES version)

We have the first trailer for Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli below. You can also access the official website here.


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