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Link design inspired by Peter Pan, name explained

Posted on November 3, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

In a new interview, Shigeru Miyamoto explained the origins of Link… and they’re incredibly interesting.

Link’s design was inspired by Peter Pan, believe it or not. In making the character, Nintendo was hoping to create someone who would be easily recognized by his sword and shield. They also came up with the idea of giving Link a long hat and long ears, with his overall appearance coming close to an elf.

Miyamoto noted how at the time, long ears made you think of Peter Pan. Throw in the fact that Miyamoto is a Disney fan and the team ended up taking inspiration from the character. Takashi Tezuka created Link’s design.

Regarding Link’s name, Miyamoto said that the staff originally intended for the triforce to be made up of electronic chips rather than fragments. The first game would have taken place in the past and future with the main character traveling between the two periods. Because the character would be the link between the past and future, the team settled on calling him “Link”.

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