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Lode Runner Legacy coming west this spring

Posted on March 16, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Lode Runner Legacy was announced for Switch in Japan this week. Fortunately, the game will be released in other territories as well. The game is confirmed for a worldwide launch this spring.

Lode Runner Legacy features the best parts of the original 1983 game with a modern twist. The main goal is to regain stolen gold from the enemies in the Evil Empire’s labyrinth by blasting floors, a technique players can use to strategically capture gold or trap enemies.

We have more details and the previously-posted trailer for Lode Runner Legacy below.

Lode Runner Legacy features a brand new Two-Player mode, in which you and a friend can play together offline using two Joy-Cons. Cooperation and role-sharing is the key to winning! By working together, you and your teammate can capture gold that is impossible for a single player to earn. Two-Player mode has online rankings, so play in perfect harmony and aim for the highest score in order to make it onto the board! Two-Player mode can be played with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or two Joy-Cons.

Players can use the new Craft Mode to create original levels, characters, and items, which they can then share online with players around the world. Share your original levels and characters or play other players’ levels in World Levels mode, and “Like” the best ones! This unique feature makes Lode Runner Legacy one of the only Nintendo Switch games to allow user-generated content sharing.

Lode Runner Legacy includes countless new features and game modes for players to explore. Players can regain stolen gold from the Evil Empire in Adventure Mode, or play enemy-free puzzle levels in Puzzle Mode. Additionally, Lode Runner Legacy comes equipped with 150 original Lode Runner levels in Classic Mode, as well as several hidden levels for players to uncover. All in all, there are 300 levels for players to beat as well as any new levels posted online, providing players with limitless hours of entertainment.

Source: Tozai Games PR

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