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Tozai Games

R-Type Dimensions EX is getting a physical release, Strictly Limited Games has announced. No word yet on a specific release date, but orders should be opening sometime this month.

R-Type Dimensions EX originally came to the Switch eShop last November. It bundles the space shooters R-Type and R-Type II into a single package with retro 2D graphics and 3D graphics .


Tozai Games announced R-Type Dimensions for Switch in Japan a few hours ago. Fortunately, the developer has already confirmed release plans for the west.

Tozai says R-Type Dimensions is hitting Switch “in late 2018.” A price point hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

A few years ago, R-Type and R-Type II were revitalized for new platforms under R-Type Dimensions. This release is now making its way to Switch, Tozai Games has announced.

Among the features of R-Type Dimensions are new 3D graphics as well as re-imagined arrangements of music tracks. Players can switch between the 3D visuals and classic 2D graphics with a single button. Other elements include an infinite game mode for continuous progression from game start to final boss, two-player co-op with the Joy-Con, achievements, slow motion and fast forward functions, and player statistics.

Update (3/29): Lode Runner Legacy is out now in North America as well.

Original (3/28): We knew Lode Runner Legacy would be released on Switch this spring in the west. What we didn’t know is that it would be launching today.

On the European eShop, Lode Runner Legacy can be downloaded right now. If that wasn’t enough, a demo is also available. North America should have access soon as well.

Lode Runner Legacy involves collecting all gold in a level and then escaping. Various features and modes are included, such as Craft Mode where you can make your own levels.

Lode Runner Legacy was announced for Switch in Japan this week. Fortunately, the game will be released in other territories as well. The game is confirmed for a worldwide launch this spring.

Lode Runner Legacy features the best parts of the original 1983 game with a modern twist. The main goal is to regain stolen gold from the enemies in the Evil Empire’s labyrinth by blasting floors, a technique players can use to strategically capture gold or trap enemies.

We have more details and the previously-posted trailer for Lode Runner Legacy below.

Lode Runner Legacy has already been confirmed for Nintendo Switch, and now players can view this debut trailer to get a better idea of what the game is all about.

Tozai Games announced Lode Runner Legacy for Switch earlier this week. Now thanks to Famitsu, we have the first screenshots. View a few images below.


The latest entry in the action puzzler series Lode Runner, Lode Runner Legacy, is coming to the Switch. The game will be available on the Japanese eShop sometime this Spring; it will cost 1,112 Yen.  So far we only know of the game’s Japanese release, but an English version of it already exists on PC, so a Western release wouldn’t be surprising at all.


Square Enix is localizing the Japanese Switch title Spelunker Party! for North America and Europe, the company announced today. The game will be available digitally via the eShop on October 19. Pricing is set at $29.99.

Here’s an overview:

Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker was announced for Switch earlier today, coming from Square Enix and Tozai Games. As for actual details, here’s what we know:

– Out physically and digitally this spring in Japan
– Uses free-to-play PlayStation 4 title Spelunker World as its base
– Powers up the weakest protagonist in the history of games for Switch
– Passing around the Joy-Con will make for noisy multiplayer
– From core gamers to playing with family, Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker promises to be an action game that everyone can enjoy
– Up to 4 players in TV and table modes
– 1 player in handheld mode

The official Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker is located here.