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Lugia location guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Posted on February 12, 2024 by in Guides, Switch

Lugia location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Today, we’re once again continuing our coverage of Legendary Pokemon locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with a Lugia location guide. In this game, returning Legendary Pokemon can only be accessed via the Indigo Disk DLC.

Lugia and Ho-Oh are Generation II’s signature Legendary Pokemon. Unlike previous games in the series where Ho-Oh and Lugia were available, neither of them are version exclusive this time around. Like all of the other Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk, you can only access Lugia from an NPC named Snacksworth – who for some reason is capable of summoning Legendary Pokemon to Paldea.

Lugia location guide

Lugia location guide

Snacksworth appears at Blueberry Academy’s entrance after you clear the DLC’s main story. Every time you clear either 1 Group Quest or 10 Solo Quests, you’ll receive a random snack that attracts a particular Legendary Pokemon to a specific spot in Paldea. The snack you receive is random, but the location the Legendary Pokemon spawns is not. Do keep in mind that Group Quests can only be completed in the Union Circle, which means you must have friends to play with in order to capture every Legendary Pokemon.

Once you’ve managed to get a hold of the Lugia snack, your Lugia location will activate in the northeast corner of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. More specifically, Lugia is waiting for you in the ocean near the little island. Lugia appears at Level 70 and knows Recover, so it might be a bit difficult to whittle it down with False Swipe. Fortunately, Recover only has 5 PP in this game. Fun fact: this Lugia’s Tera Type is Water.

In addition to Lugia’s location, we have guides available for the rest of the Legendary Pokemon locations too. You can find our master list of them through this link. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions for future guides, too.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Switch, and you can check the official website here.

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