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Super Mario RPG Monster List

New to the recently-released Super Mario RPG remake is a Monster List that tracks every single enemy in the game. When you encounter an enemy, it’s automatically added to the database. However, its entry is not complete until you successfully use Mallow’s Thought Peek spell on it. Several enemies have missable Thought Peek entries – luckily, there’s an NPC in Booster Pass hidden in a cliff who will sell you new Monster List entries in exchange for three Frog Coins. Feel free to check out our Frog Coin farming guide before you continue here.

Splatoon 3 megalodontia

Splatoon 3 megalodontiaMegalodontia is Splatoon 3’s newest King Salmonid, and it made its very first appearance in last weekend’s From here on out, future Salmon Run rotations will rotate between Cohozuna, Horrorboros, and Megalodontia as the active King Salmonid. Today, we’re going in-depth on the best strategies to use during the battle – plus how to get Megalodontia to spawn at all.

Today, we’re looking at all five characters in Super Mario RPG and which equipment works best for each one. We’ll include the location of each piece, too – which means slight spoilers for areas you’ll visit in the future plus the names of a few late-game bosses. Feel free to bookmark this page for later if you’re not ready to be spoiled on these locations just yet.

Super Mario RPG on Switch includes a postgame boss and even amped-up boss rematches. To best prepare for these foes, you’ll want to equip your team with the best possible equipment setup. Some of these pieces are hard to get, but they’re certainly worth your time. 

beetle mania Super Mario RPG

If you’ve read our 100% completion guide for Super Mario RPG, you probably know that obtaining a gold medal on the Beetle Mania mini-game is a requirement for full game completion. Beetle Mania is actually a completely separate mini-game than the one you play on Booster Hill, and it’s a little out of the way. There’s a Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom inn playing a video game. If you speak with him a certain number of times, he’ll earn a high score and then give you the game to keep. From there, you can open up your menu and go to the “Play Game” section to play a brand-new mini-game called Beetle Mania.

Today, we’re going over a brief strategy to get the 5 million points you need to earn that gold medal.

Splatoon 3 Big Run guide

Splatoon 3 just received its latest update, and its next Big Run event starts this weekend. It’s a great time to splat some Salmonids for those of you who’ve never participated before.

If you don’t already know, Big Run is essentially a “giant Salmon Run” rotation that takes place on one of the game’s larger multiplayer stages. You’ll need to team up with three other players and splat as many Boss Salmonids as you can, all while throwing as many Golden Eggs into the basket as you can. Today, we’ve gathered a whole bunch of tips for new and old players alike (but mostly new players). This month’s rotation takes place on Barnacle & Dime and goes from Friday, December 1 at 7 PM ET to Sunday, December 3 at 7 PM ET.

100 super jumps Super Mario RPG

As covered in our Super Mario RPG 100 percent completion guide, fully finishing the game takes a long time – which also involves earning 100 Super Jumps.

When you make it to Monstro Town, you’ll find an NPC who tracks your Super Jump record. If your record is over 30, you’ll receive the Attack Scarf accessory. If your record is maxed-out (100), however, you’ll receive the Super Suit accessory. This piece of gear drastically increases its user’s stats, so it helps a ton against this game’s boss rematches. Today, we’ll be going over some tips and tricks on racking up 100 Super Jumps. Get ready for a challenge!

super mario rpg 100 percent

If you’re looking to 100 percent complete Super Mario RPG, the game makes that kind of tough in a few particular ways. The good news is that the game is a little bit on the short side. If you’re playing through the game for the first time, it shouldn’t take you any more than around 15 hours to beat. That being said, prepare for a challenge when it comes to completion.

We have the full rundown below. Just be aware that this guide contains some spoilers before proceeding.

Super Mario RPG Culex

Culex, alongside Mallow and Geno, is one of the more popular characters in Super Mario RPG. In addition to being a powerful opponent, he is a living reference to Final Fantasy. He’s also one of the tougher bosses in Super Mario RPG, and encountering him requires a little bit of setup beforehand. We’ve put together a guide on how to find Culex, how to set up your party prior to battle, and how to eventually defeat him to receive the exclusive Quartz Charm accessory.

Super Mario RPG 3 Musty Fears

Super Mario RPG doesn’t have too many side quests, but one that it does have is the 3 Musty Fears side quest in Monstro Town. One of the houses there contains nothing but a bed – turn the mushroom light off and hop into the bed to start this quest. Three undead characters will each place an invisible flag somewhere around the world, and it’s your job to find that flag based on the hints they give. If you don’t feel like figuring it out yourself, we’ve put together a brief list of all three flag locations and the reward you’ll receive for finding them all.

Super Mario RPG Frog Coin farming

We’ve come up with a fool-proof Frog Coin farming method in Super Mario RPG that’s easy to perform and doesn’t require much focus at all. 

If you’re looking for a fast way to increase coins, this should come in handy. Technically, you could take the Midas River course over and over again or try playing a different sort of minigame to rack up Frog Coins. These methods tend to be rather slow, however, and require a good deal of focus to successfully complete. 

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