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Magazine forecasts the future: Wii 2.0

Posted on June 21, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii


UK-based T3 magazine recently published an article about their interpretation of a new Wii console in one of their latest issues. T3 explores the possibilities of a “Wii 2.0,” system, which may remind some of you about Nintendo On – a spoof that, before the Wii remote was revealed, predicted that Nintendo would allow users to put on a helmet-shaped item for a virtual reality experience. The mock-up technology that the magazine has created is similar in the sense that a “claw-like Wii head unit” would be attached to your head in order to intercept brain waves, thus immersing you in the gaming experience. Here’s the rundown of the complete article:

Mind controlled

Strap the claw-like Wii head unit to your “dome” and it’ll beam your brain activity – translated into movement and other commands – to the Wii box and controllers.

On the head, son

Tiny neuro-receptors pick up brain waves through the thickest of hair, so no unsightly scalp shaving need take place.

You what?

Completing the immersion experience, built in earphones will screw deep into your lugholes, for shattering, terrifying cries of “It’s-a-me… Mario!”

Wii Remote 2.0

There’ll still be a handheld pointer. With your brain choosing what its function is at any given time, only one button will be required – helping to save the world’s ever-depleting button reserves.

Nintendo Wii 2.0

The Wii revolutionized the way we interact with games. Could Nintendo be thinking of topping that with a though-powered Wii 2? By 2010, you could be using your wireless Wii Wand to guide Mario around the karting track and your brainwaves to throw banana skins. Crazy, you say? Mind control is already a reality – snap up shares in brain-game pioneers Emotiv today – and we’d love to see what the big N can do with it. Our artist’s impressions gives a few tantalizing hints…

T3 Launch Prediction:


Thanks to Quackity for the tip.

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