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Mary Skelter Finale details characters Elie, Rachel, Reilly, and explains “Blood Farm” system

Posted on July 27, 2020 by (@brodee922) in News, Switch eShop

The upcoming dungeon-crawler RPG Mary Skelter has received some new details on its official website thanks to developer Compile Heart. These details include character bios for Elie, Rachel, and Reilly, and there is also a section devoted to explaining the system of “Blood farming” which will be integral to the dungeon sections. 

We’ve included the full information below, including some screenshots, courtesy of Gematsu:

■ Characters: Survivors on the Surface


A girl living in the Rycard Island slums.
While it was just her and Elie at first, Rachel’s parents found and adopted them.
She loves Rachel’s parents dearly, and calls them mom and dad.
She also loves her real little sister Elie and her adoptive little sister Rachel.


A girl living in the Rycard Island slums.
She is Reilly’s real little sister, but has recently been a bit jealous over Reilly’s affection for their adoptive little sister Rachel.
But she also loves Rachel, so in the end she forgives her.


A girl living in the Rycard Island slums.
She is a little too young to assess the situation, but is well protected by her adopted sisters.
She loves Reilly and Elie.

■ System: Blood Farm

Blood Farm

You can raise Blood Flowers inside dungeons using the Blood Farm system! All you need to do is plant Blood Crystals that you gain in battle inside the dungeon. Blood Flowers will grow from the planted crystals, and can be harvested once they go into full bloom to gain various equipment and items!

You can also splatter Marchen blood over the Blood Flowers, which will give them a golden shine. These flowers have an increased chance of getting rarer, stronger equipment when harvested!

The equipment you harvest can come with special effects, like those below…

  • Bonus points up to +99.
  • 15 different equipment skills.
  • Four different ailment effects.
  • 60 different nicknames.
  • Nine different elemental properties.
  • “Bloodshot” – Activates the Kagome-Kagome effect.
  • “Sharpness” – Increases the amount of bleeding.
  • “Strike” – Increases critical rate.
  • There are over one million combinations of additional effects, so keep harvesting to get the strongest weapons!

Update Chance

By using Hameln’s special ability, “Magnetic Piccolo,” you can harvest your Blood Flowers at once, which will trigger a special effect called “Update Chance.”
When in effect, the items you gain will gain additional bonuses!

Harvest the Blood Flowers at once to net rare items for your party!

Mary Skelter Finale drops on the Switch on October 8 in Japan.

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