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Mega Man Game Boy VC releases was the big Mega Man Comic-Con news

Posted on July 22, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

An official description for “The World of Capcom Games” Comic-Con panel teased Mega Man 25th anniversary news. Yet for some strange reason, the franchise barely had a presence at the event. Other than a brief mention of a comic-related initiative that we had heard about previously, Mega Man’s name wasn’t even brought up.

So what on earth happened? As it turns out, the big news was the announcement of new Mega Man Game Boy games for the 3DS Virtual Console. Capcom community manager Brett Elston recently clarified the situation and explained why the news wasn’t shared during the actual panel:

I’ve seen some of the reactions (Twitter, FB etc) to our lack of MM news at the SDCC panel, and wanted to explain/clarify the issue.

The panel description says we would have “information about Mega Man’s 25th anniversary.” That news was the classic Game Boy games coming to 3DS soon – so why not in the panel? Because I wanted to space that news and the Strider reveal a few hours apart, so the MM information had time to spread and not be overshadowed by a shiny new Strider game (which was trending worldwide =D).

I think getting it out earlier in the day let that information have its moment in the sun, and not bunched up alongside everything else in the panel. We did contact SDCC earlier in the week to update the panel description, but I’m sure they have one hundred billion emails and requests to sift through, and ours possibly got lost in the shuffle. A bit of confusion for which I apologize. I also understand everyone’s awaiting news of something bigger, but we don’t have anything to share at this time.

All that said, we’ve prepared lots of MM activity at the SDCC booth. The statues (life size and 10”), the inflatable buster, the metal pin and more are all here and flying off the shelves. I’ve seen a lot of MM cosplay and already chatted with several fans, so the vibe is strong and I hope to see it continue throughout the year.


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