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More Yoshi’s Woolly World details

Posted on June 11, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

– 3 levels in the E3 demo
– First 2 levels have a lot of secrets
– In the first level, you had to reveal hidden clouds
– In the third level, there is a different type of egg you that was an unknown Yoshi enemy
– You could shoot it to form a cloud path
– Line up the cloud paths and carry and boulder to crush a Piranha Plant or a wall to unlock a secret
– Still collect 5 flowers
– Most of these are hidden in nooks and crannies behind question-mark clouds
– Game doesn’t keep the red coins or the counter
– Yoshi is also looking for three pieces of Wonder Wool in each level
– There were some rote scenic transformations involving unraveling yarn
– A lot of the scene transformation magic of Epic Yarn doesn’t seem to be present in Woolly World
– Yoshi does transform quite a bit
– When he flutters, his legs turn into a propeller
– When he ground pounds, his body turns into a hammer


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