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Morphies Law could be launching on Switch very soon

Posted on August 19, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Morphies Law

It was around this time last year that Morphies Law was first revealed for Switch. The game was featured in a Nindies Showcase held back in August 2017.

Though it’s taken longer than expected for Morphies Law to be ready for launch, developer Cosmoscope has slowly been providing updates on Twitter. Recently, the game’s icon was decided:

Also teased is some big news that will be shared tomorrow:

Given the activity as of late, it would lead us to believe that the game could be arriving sooner than later. But most importantly, update data for the title now exists on Nintendo’s servers. We can confirm that this just went live minutes ago.

Before E3, rumors started to emerge about Fortnite for Switch. The most important piece of evidence was when update data was put up on Nintendo’s servers. After that was discovered, Fortnite hit the eShop a week later. We might be seeing something similar for Morphies Law here.

Here’s a refresher on Morphies Law for those who missed it last year:

Change your size to change your powers in Morphies Law, a local and online team-based multiplayer shooter coming to Nintendo Switch!

With teams of shape-shifting robots, this is no ordinary shooter! Hitting a Morphie’s body part will make it shrink…and make that same body part on the shooter grow. As the size of each body part changes, your abilities will change too, forcing you to change tactics as well. Larger legs will improve your jumping game, and your hand size changes the way you use your grappling hook. Clever players might even transform their allies on purpose.

Your team’s Avatar is only as big as your team members combined, so keep it safe! The team with the tallest Avatar wins the round!

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