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Morphies Law update out now (version 1.0.3), dev planning “big splash” to revitalize the game

Posted on October 20, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Morphies Law

Morphies Law has received another new update. Assuming you have the game, version 1.0.3 is now available.

Below are the full patch notes:

– Friends will now play in the same team in public games.
– Added an HP buff to teams that have less players than the opposite team.
– Added XP and Nuts bonus system – we can now run bonus XP and/or Nuts timed events.
– Reduced the duration of the voting phase in public lobbies.
– HUD indicators will now change size with distance to reduce screen clutter.
– Patch notes will now be shown in-game on first launch after an update.
– Fixed aim helper to avoid that it gravitates towards a specific body part.
– Improved hit impact feedback.
– Improved stuck detection for bots.
– Improved bot behavior in Tanker Town.
– Disabled the ability to leave public lobbies.
– Added Avatar stun cooldown in Mass Heist to avoid sound/animation spam.
– Re-enabled the “enter code” functionality.
– Fixed suckpipes while carrying the head in Head Hunt – they cannot be used now while carrying the head.
– Fixed exploit to increase movement speed while carrying the head in Head Hunt.
– Added new bot names.
– Fixed “Share the Pain” revolver staying active under certain conditions.
– Fixed softlock when using suckpipes under certain conditions.
– Fixed dialogs disappearing immediately when keeping buttons pressed.
– Fixed Avatar sometimes being hidden at the end of the round.
– Fixed head target indicator sometimes being shown in other game modes.
– Fixed foam/shield not disappearing during the end game standoff.
– Fixed gyroscope making the camera look up on match start.
– Fixed wireframe sometimes appearing around Avatar head in Head Hunt mode.

Aside from the new update, Morphies Law was in the news this week for another reason. The game’s launch apparently didn’t go well, but developer Cosmoscope is looking to revitalize the game by making “a big splash”, and it sounds like a bunch of new and free content is in the pipeline.

Cosmoscope said in its message:

Dear Morphies around the globe,

Due to a bunch of reasons – some of which we could influence, others not – our launch wasn’t good and sadly it’s hard to find full games these days. This sucks for a multiplayer game and we are determined to fix this situation. For this to happen though, we need to make a big splash.

We can’t tell you yet what this big splash will be, but we can tell you this: You will get A LOT more Morphies Law – for free! We just ask you to be patient for a little while.

The whole team is hard at work improving things and implementing new ideas and content, some of which we think will make a big difference, and once it’s ready we believe it will convince people to go back to stealing mass and morphing massively, and not just on the Switch!

Whether Santa will deliver the package we don’t know yet, but we can tell you that it won’t be the Easter Bunny.

Soon we’ll start sharing some more details about what we are working on, and we’ll be updating this page with that information. Worry not, we’ll let you know on social media whenever there’s an update!

Thank you all for your support until now, it’s been fantastic and we will make sure that you aren’t disappointed with what’s to come.

Team Morphies Law

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