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Motion control “not suited to some styles of game” says Bizarre

Posted on August 5, 2009 by (@NE_Austin) in General Nintendo, News

“I think motion control is an interesting development, but fundamentally not suited to some styles of game. Swinging a virtual club might be awesome in Tiger Woods, but do you really want to hold your hands out in front of you for a full 10 minute road race? I think you’d only last a couple of laps before you dropped the virtual steering wheel. So yeah, it’s an interesting development but I can’t see controllers being completely replaced any time soon. And neither should they — the modern video game controller has evolved over more than 20 years to be the right tool for the job (in many cases).” – Bizarre’s Ben Ward

I would agree with idea that motion control isn’t ideal for many types of games, but for racing games I think it works just fine. Especially since it’s not like you have to hold your arms straight out in front of you to play; it’s just as easy to hold a remote in the same position as you would a normal controller and tilt it slightly.


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