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New details on Ninja Box base variety and new characters

Posted on January 18, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in News, Switch

Following recent news that Bandai Namco would be bringing Ninja Box to Japan in 2019, the developer has shared some more details specifically on secret base variety and new characters.

The new information on the base-building RPG has been fully translated by Gematsu and can be viewed below, along with some new screenshots.

(1) A Variety of Secret Bases

You can even make a secret base like this!

Ninja BoxTons of variation to create your very own secret base!Even create something with a ton of floors like this one! Place things how you like in each room to create your dream space!

Ninja Box(2) A Vast World

Ninja BoxWant a super high secret base with a stairway that reaches the sky? You can build it!

Go hunting for secret base-making materials in town!

Ninja BoxMaking parts and traps are essential to building a secret base, so explore the town of Oshinamachi where Hiroto lives to find materials.

Gather materials in town, then make parts and traps for your secret base.

(3) Meet the Latest Characters


Ninja BoxThe eldest ninja of Tatemakuri Village, who was once a master of ridiculous ninpo. Since many ninja have left the village to become “runaway ninja,” Tatezou fears that the village will soon disappear just like that. While you would think there is some deep reason behind his dog-like appearance, it seems that he turned into a dog with ninjutsu and cannot return to his former appearance.

Ninja Box

Ninja Box—Ninja Box

Ninja BoxThe Ninja Box is a legendary tool built by the ninja of Tatemakuri Village in order to protect and develop the village (secret base). It can make anything, as long as you give it the materials and blueprints to do so. Its highly secure—only those certified are able to use it. Also, it looks like bad guys will attack with their sights set on this Ninja Box. It’s ridiculous!

Ninja Box

Ninja Box

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