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New Fire Emblem: Awakening details

Posted on February 10, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A healthy amount of new Fire Emblem: Awakening details have emerged from the latest issue of Jump. We’ve got the information for you below. Be on the lookout for a new scan shortly…

– “Awakening” part explained: “Two sleeping dragons — one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragons’ awakening — and the world’s ending.”
– Krom is the main character
– Krom is the prince of the Kingdom of Iris
– He is of the Lord class
– Krom wields a weapon called the Sealed Sword Falchion
– Krom isn’t the only main character
– Make your own unit
– Choose gender, face parts, other areas
– The character you make becomes the other main character
– Meeting between Krom and this character is a big part of the story
– Free Maps: back from previous Fire Emblems
– With Free Maps, freely move across the map and purchase goods or battle
– Dual system: triggered when you enter battle while next to an ally
– You and an ally will battle together
– By taking advantage of the Dual system, your character will have increased abilities and the ally character can help out with attacks


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