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New Star GP update adds Hot Lap mode and more

Posted on June 5, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

New Star GP update Hot Lap mode

A new update has been announced for New Star GP, which includes a brand new Hot Lap mode.

The mode is all about setting the fastest time on a lap. You’ll look to beat out opponents’ ghost-cars and reach the top of the leaderboards. Other additions include the ability to switch between MPH and KPH and a big eye option for characters.

Here’s the full rundown:

New Star GP update patch notes

*ADDED HOT LAP MODE. HOT LAP is an entirely new game mode focused on setting the fastest time on one lap of any track in the game. Outpace your opponents’ ghost-cars and claim your place on the leaderboards!
*ADDED Option to switch speed readout from MPH to KPH.
*ADDED Big eye option for characters
*IMPROVED The “Win a GP with broken components” achievements now include front and rear wings.
*IMPROVED: Nose Cam is now rigidly fixed to the nose of the car rather than slightly independent of car direction.
*FIXED Issues with selected character when playing CHAMPIONSHIP MODE.
*FIXED Puddles not appearing when it rains in the Tutorial.
*FIXED Issues with the race confirmation message in CHAMPIONSHIP MODE.
*FIXED Game locking up going into the 2020s Cote D’Azur GP.
*FIXED Missing pit wall news before races.
*FIXED No background showing for start lights.
*FIXED In the 2010s, incorrect Caspian Sea time trial track configuration was being loaded.
*FIXED Persistent damage in CHAMPIONSHIP MODE can now be enabled and disabled properly.
*FIXED Tyre wear no longer persists between championship rounds when damage is disabled.
*FIXED All CREATION MODE settings now persist between launches of the game.
*FIXED Boost power no longer varies with framerate.
*FIXED Ultrawide support beyond 21:9
*FIXED Better support for auto-selection of controller on launch

The new New Star GP update will be out on Switch “soon.” Read more about the game here.

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