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Night Slashers: Remake reveals Liu Feilin

Posted on May 31, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Night Slashers Remake Liu Feilin

Today, Forever Entertainment revealed Liu Feilin as a new character for Night Slasher. She’s the one and only Chinese opera actress, martial arts expert, and mantle-style warrior well-known from the fighter’s history series.

Here’s some additional information:

Liu Feilin, a renowned Chinese opera actress, is known for her exceptional talent. She entered the prestigious Great Grapple tournament, where she triumphed over the formidable opponent Karnov. This victory not only earned her international acclaim but also brought her back to Beijing as a celebrated figure.

Despite receiving numerous movie offers following her success, Feilin chose to focus on her passions and declined all invitations, stating she was not interested at the time. However, a year later, Feilin received another invitation to the Great Grapple tournament. This time, she decided to document the entire journey, starring in a film that chronicles her experiences in the competition.

Check out a trailer for Liu Feilin in Night Slashers: Remake below.

Liu Feilin Trailer

Night Slashers: Remake is currently in development for Switch, but does not have a release window. Head on over here for more information.

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