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Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment and Ricci Cedric Design today announced Binarystar Infinity, a new shoot ’em up for Switch. A release date hasn’t been shared at this time.

Here’s a brief overview of Binarystar Infinity, along with a trailer:

Virus: The Outbreak, a real-time strategy game, was added to the Switch eShop last week. Find some footage in the video below.

We have additional information and a trailer for Virus: The Outbreak here.

Publisher Forever Entertainment and developer Jujubee have announced that they’re bringing Virus: The Outbreak to Switch. The real-time strategy game is on track for a December 28 release.

Here’s an overview of Virus: The Outbreak, along with a trailer:

After publishing a ton of different games on the Switch eShop, Forever Entertainment is giving the business of physical releases a shot. The company has established “Forever Limited” and unveiled its first three games: new physical editions for Panzer Dragoon: Remake, Thief Simulator, and Sparkle Ultimate Collection.

Here’s the full rundown of each product: 

Green Hell, an open world survival simulator, made it to Switch today. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Green Hell is being distributed digitally for Switch via the eShop.

Forever Entertainment has released a Switch-specific trailer for Green Hell, an open world survival simulator. Take a look at the video below.

Green Hell arrives for Switch as an eShop download on October 8.

Hot Shot Burn footage

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The arena brawler arrives on the Switch eShop on October 1, check out some gameplay with the video below.

Update (9/29): Green Hell is now confirmed for release on October 8.

Original (9/25): It’s been revealed that Forever Entertainment has picked up Creepy Jar’s 2019 title Green Hell for publishing on Switch. The open world survival simulator will be released on Nintendo’s console, though a release window has not yet been shared.

Here’s an overview of Green Hell, along with a trailer:

After it was announced last July, a release date has been announced for the arena brawler Hot Shot Burn. Forever Entertainment will publish the game on October 1, the company has announced.

We have a new trailer for Hot Shot Burn. You can find our original post with additional information here.

The puzzle game Bomber Fox was announced to be coming to the Switch earlier this week by publisher Forever Entertainment. It is now available on Switch, and Nintendo Hall has put together a video of the first 15 minutes of the game.

This should help anyone that is wondering what Bomber Fox is about or if they want to see some gameplay before purchasing. The 15 minute video is available to view below.