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New direct-feed footage has arrived showing off Hollow running on Switch. Watch 12 minutes of gameplay in the video below.

Forever Entertainment is bringing the sci-fi adventure game Hollow to Switch next week. On Twitter, the developer shared some new technical information.

Hollow will run at 30 frames per second in all play modes. When Switch is docked, the game will run at 720p. The resolution drops a bit to 600p in portable mode. Forever Entertainment says Hollow features “a lot of graphical effects”.


Forever Entertainment has confirmed that Hollow will be launching on Switch next week. The sci-fi horror title is scheduled for February 22 on the eShop.

Hollow involves exploring a derelict mining facility in orbit around Jupiter. The game features puzzles, gun gombat, and more.

Continue on below for additional information and a new Switch trailer for Hollow.

Update (2/5): Millie is confirmed to be releasing within the next month on Switch.

Original (1/26): Forever Entertainment has released and announced several Switch games over the past few months. Today, the company confirmed its latest effort for Nintendo’s console: Millie.

Described as “joyful, casual puzzle game that will tease both your wits and your memory”, Millie will have you controlling a millipede in over 90 levels. Some additional information and a trailer can be found below.

Forever Entertainment has shared a brief video showing Hollow running on Switch with an off-screen handheld video. Check it out below.


Earlier today, Forever Entertainment kept up with its string of Switch titles by publishing Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back on the eShop. Have a look at some footage below.

Update (1/30): Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back is currently scheduled for February 1 (thanks m_t).

Original (1/24): Forever Entertainment brought Frederic: Resurrection of Music to Switch back in December. Its sequel, Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back, will be available soon as well.

Forever Entertainment shared the news via Twitter:

Continue on below for more on Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back, including an overview and trailer.

Qbik footage

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Forever Entertainment is bringing Qbik to Switch today via the eShop. For a look at the game, check out the video below.

Forever Entertainment has dated its pixel-art puzzle game for Switch. On January 18, it will be published on the eShop.

Qbik features a world filled with brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles across 63 levels. We have a trailer for the game below.


Forever Entertainment is bringing Frederic: Resurrection of Music to Switch on Thursday. Have a look at some footage below.

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