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Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment has dated Diggerman for Switch. The game will release digitally via the eShop on December 24, the company has announced.

Here’s an overview, along with a trailer:

Forever Entertainment has brought a ton of games to Switch over the past couple of years, and it looks like the company won’t be slowing down any time soon. That’s because the company has announced that it will soon be publising Digital Melody’s Diggerman.

We have the following overview and trailer for the game:

Asteristic Game Studio is partnering with Forever Entertainment for the release of Dandy & Randy on Switch. It’s currently scheduled for a 2019 launch on Nintendo’s platform.

Dandy & Randy “is a 2D top-down old-school arcade game featuring two of the worst archaeologists to ever grace the Earth.” Currently on Steam Early Access, the game will let players explore a variety of levels and battle a number of bosses – all playable with a friend.

Forever Entertainment is bringing its title Timberman VS to the Japanese eShop on November 1. You can watch the Japanese trailer below.

Thanks to some assistance from Forever Entertainment, Hard West: Complete Edition is seeing a release on Switch. A specific date has yet to be announced.

In Hard West: Complete Edition, players will take on eight unique story-based scenarios and 40 turn-based combat missions as the protagonist Warren sets out on a quest to hunt down everyone who has wronged him. Continue on below for some additional details and a trailer.

Later this week, Timberman VS is getting a notable update. Forever Entertainment has announced that online multiplayer will be added when the patch goes live on Friday.

Specifics about how online play haven’t been shared, but the game is about slicing and dicing trees while challenging friends to be the fastest timberman alive.

Timberman VS is currently available via the Switch eShop.


Agony heading to Switch

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Forever Entertainment announced today that it has partnered with Madmind Studio to release Agony on Switch. A release is expected later in 2018.

Agony is a first-person, survival horror that takes in hell. Continue on below for some additional information and a trailer.

Phantaruk out on Switch tomorrow

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Forever Entertainment’s next Switch release is taking place this week. According to a North American eShop listing, Phantaruk will be available tomorrow.

Phantaruk is a mix of survival horror and adventure with stealth mechanics. We have a proper overview and trailer below.

Realpolitiks Switch trailer

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Next Thursday, Forever Entertainment is bringing the strategy-simulation title Realpolitiks to Switch. Get a look at a trailer below.

Shut Eye footage

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Forever Entertainment is publishing Shut Eye on Switch this week as its latest digital download. We’ve included some footage below.