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Forever Entertainment

A listing on the eShop reveals that Forever Entertainment is bringing NoReload Heroes to Switch. Originally developed by Stupid Stupid Games, the title will be sold digitally this week.

Here’s an overview for the co-op party shooter, along with a trailer:

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is coming to Switch next week, a listing on the North American eShop confirms. The game will be arriving on July 12.

Players can expect a text turn-based adventure RPG with important choices from Star Story: The Horizon Escape. We have more information and a trailer below.

Shut Eye releasing on Switch

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Forever Entertainment is bringing another one of its past titles to Switch. Next up on the docket is Shut Eye, a game with a horror atmosphere.

You’ll play as a young child who suffers from anxiety. The primary goal is to “survive the nights an keep your anxiety down, as through out the night you will experience the mind of an over active child’s imagination.” The Switch version will contain “refreshed graphics and gameplay”.

Forever Entertainment is partnering with EvilCoGames to bring Star Story: The Horizon Escape. A release is coming “soon”.

Star Story: The Horizon Escape involves a space archaeologist who crashed on an unknown planet. The game is a rouge-like, turn-based adventure RPG that will be appearing on the eShop.

Timberman VS footage

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Yesterday, Digital Melody and Forever Entertainment added Timberman VS to the Switch eShop. Check out some footage below.

Thanks to a listing on the North American Switch eShop, Timberman VS appears to have a release date. It’s now listed for May 3 with a $1.99 price point.

Timberman VS is all about slicing trees in an arcade-style fashion. Aside from single-player offerings, you can challenge your friends locally.

Timberman VS trailer

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Digital Melody has readied a new trailer for Timberman VS, which is coming soon to Switch. You can view the video below.

Goetia footage

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With Goetia approaching its release on Switch next week, some footage has come in. Get a look at over 20 minutes of gameplay below.

Forever Entertainment has published a series of Sparkle games on Switch over the past several months. Next up on the list is Sparkle Zero, which is due out this week.

Sparkle Zero involves starting out as a small creature, finding food, and growing. Other organisms will be getting in your way in the competition for resources, however.

According to a new listing on the European Switch eShop, Goetia is making its way to Switch on April 26. Forever Entertainment will be handling publishing duties.

Goetia is a point-and-click adventure title that has players taking on the role of Abigail, the ghost of a young lady. Being a ghost affords you the ability to move through walls and ceilings, as well as manipulate objects by possessing them. The ultimate goal is to find out what led to the downfall of Blackwood Manor.

We have more information about Goetia below plus a trailer.

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