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Ninjatown details

Posted on May 27, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News


– Goal: Prevent Wee Devils from reaching town gate
– Main defense are ninja huts that you construct
– Many varieties of huts which produce ninjas
– Wee Devils come in different forms
– Usually you must pit one of your ninjas against a Wee Devil for the best results
– Anti-Ninja: Breaks through defenses but are slow
– White Ninja: Freezes enemies
– Baker Ninja: Bakes ninja-star cookies (the currency of the game)
– Progress through the game to unlock more ninjas
– Cookies can upgrade huts or build modifier buildings(ex: dojo, temple)
– Dojo increases power of ninjas in adjacent huts
– Temple speeds up time that you can call on Master Ninja for great powers (Hickory Lunge – inflict heavy damage, Get Off My Lawn – blow into mic to send enemies flying)

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