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Nintendo Everything Redesign!

Posted on October 21, 2008 by in News, Site updates

Hi, NintendoEverything fans!
As of late, Valay and I have been talking about redesigning the website a bit.  When I mean “redesign,” I mean not changing the template, but redesigning some colors, designs, graphics, and logos to make our website look more appealing to match our awesome content.  Right now, we have a standard image as a logo with a clash of so many Nintendo characters which is supposed to represent “everything Nintendo in one,” with plain text over it.  We hope to change the image to be a bit more fun, showing Nintendo in the same exact theme, but maybe a clearer image.  I was thinking flash based, but I figured it’s nicer to have an image for faster loading (for some people).  In addition to this, we will be establishing a new logo and waterproof logo (to add to all our content as an official logo/trademark; FINALLY, right?!).  Also, we have a bit darker colors, such as the charcoal gray and the navy blues on top of it; we probably will go in the direction of making our color sceme similar to a Wii-based design, since the blue really stands out on the off-white and looks nice.  Of course, can’t make it too similar or we wouldn’t be unique from Nintendo (or other websites for that matter)!  So, I’ll make sure there are a few new things to make us look more Nintendo friendly!  I’ll post some screenshots in a few days to throw out ideas so our readers can choose which they like best!  After all, we here at Nintendo Everything value the opinions of readers!  Thanks and I hope to see you all comment on whether you want to keep the current look or give your opinion on some of the new probable design looks!

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