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Maintenance update

Posted on 2 weeks ago by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates | 0 comments | 0 Likes

Hello! If you’ve been having any issues accessing the site over the past couple of days, it’s been intentional. Mostly.

We’ve been carrying out some much-needed site maintenance this week. We didn’t really expect things to last as long as they did, unfortunately. If we anticipated maintenance taking multiple days, we would have provided advance notice. The site has been up for the most part, but today in particular there were issues. We’re mostly done… for this week anyway, though if you happen to see any downtime (it’s very unlikely), you’ll know why.

There’s actually a ton that we still have to do from a technical perspective, but in the near-term, it shouldn’t impact anyone who visits Nintendo Everything normally. This year, hopefully sooner rather than later, we hope to make some improvements that won’t just be for the backend of the site. While we’re definitely not going for an overhaul/redesign, we’ll be implementing at least one change that has been requested in the past.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Nintendo Everything turns 10

Posted on 4 months ago by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates | 61 Comments | 0 Likes

I can hardly believe that I’m writing this, but Nintendo Everything is now ten years old. We first opened our doors way back on October 23, 2007. 10 years is a long time to be doing anything. In the age of the internet especially, it practically feels like we’re a dinosaur at this point.

We have a few different pieces of site news to discuss. Let’s get right to it!

News position openings

We have two news positions open on the site at the moment. The first one is a higher priority, but if we can find someone capable of handling the second position as well though, that’d also be great.

Below are the times for each:

Position 1 (two days a week)

– 2 PM PT – 6 PM PT
– 5 PM ET – 9 PM ET
– 10 PM in the UK – 2 AM in the UK
– 11 PM in Europe – 3 AM in Europe

Position 2 (Wednesday, possibly Friday)

– 1 AM PT – 4:30 AM PT
– 4 AM ET – 7:30 AM ET
– 9 AM in the UK – 12:30 PM in the UK
– 10 AM in Europe – 1:30 PM in Europe

The purpose of both positions is exactly as what you would expect – to deliver news to the thousands of readers reading Nintendo Everything. If chosen, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about posting on the site.

Please note that both of these positions are non-paid, at least to start out with. If you’re interested in either one, please send in a brief email here (select “Other”) expressing your interest. We’ll take things from there. When sending in the email, please specify which position you’re going for.


I wanted to make it absolutely clear that we don’t accept pop-up ads on Nintendo Everything. They’ve not been approved to run in any capacity. However, we’ve been hearing some feedback that redirects / pop-ups have become an issue on mobile for some users.

If you do encounter these types of ads – be it on mobile or PC – or any other intrusive advertising, please send in an email through our contact form here (select “Advertising”). If you can, provide us with the following:

– Your region (USA, etc.)
– The device you’re on
– URL of the ad
– Screenshot of the ad

We don’t want these ads here as much as you do, and they’re always a nightmare for us to deal with. Some of you have worked with us in the past in eliminating troublesome ads. We’ll always do our best to swiftly take care of similar situations in the future.


It’s been a long while since we last hosted a survey for Nintendo Everything’s readers. If you have a few minutes to spare, please answer a few questions here. None are mandatory, so you can skip anything you’re not interested in responding to. We appreciate your feedback in advance!

All submissions are now closed. To those who showed interest in the position, we will need your writing samples no later than this Wednesday (4/26). We’re looking to make a final decision by the end of this coming week!

We are still accepting submissions, but will be closing things off on Wednesday (4/19). Please keep the times below in mind. Also note that this is a non-paid position.

All initial emails have been responded to. If you haven’t seen any messages, check your spam folder!


Jake has been doing a standout job since he joined us over a year ago. However, some personal changes are taking place, which is requiring him to relinquish his role. Jake is still on board with us, but we’ll have a rare vacancy with the night shift very soon.

The times we’re looking to fill are as follows:

– 9 PM PT – 12:30 / 1 AM PT
– 12 AM ET – 3:30 / 4 AM ET
– 5 AM in the UK – 8:30 / 9 AM in the UK
– 6 AM in Europe- 9:30 / 10 AM in Europe
– 2 PM GMT+10 (Sydney, Australia) – 5:30 / 6 PM GMT+10

The ideal person we bring in would be available Monday – Friday at the times listed above. That being said, we’re not entirely opposed to having two people tackle the position and split up the days. It’ll really come down to interest in the position, who’s applying, etc.

If you’d like to apply, please send a brief message here (select “Other”). I’ll follow up with everyone in the coming days.

The future is here! We’ve finally reached 2017. That means it’s officially the year of Switch. Exciting, right?

To start off 2017, we have a couple of small site updates to bring your way. First, we’ve finally updated NE’s logo. As much as we’ll miss Wii U, Switch is taking over, and it only made sense to reflect that on the site – and so we’ve swapped out the GamePad in our logo for the Switch unit. I ultimately felt that a small, subtle change rather than a complete overhaul would be the right way to go. If you can’t immediately spot the difference… then mission accomplished!

Massive thanks to Beta64 for helping us out with this. He approached me wanting to help, so I’m incredibly grateful. It was almost a happy coincidence that this happened since I’ve been watching Beta64’s YouTube series for a very long time. It’s fantastic stuff and there’s no doubt that it requires a ton of effort, so you should seriously consider giving it a watch.

As another site update, I’m sorry to say that we’re removing NE’s “likes” functionality on January 8. That’s the little text you see in each post (and on the homepage) showing how many times something has been liked. It just wasn’t really used by anyone, and since NE sometimes feels like it’s hanging on by a thread, bogging it down with unnecessary features is probably silly at this point. If or when we find a way to make the functionality more interesting, we’ll definitely consider bringing it back.

Thank you all so, so much for your support in the previous year. I seriously can’t believe that NE will be celebrating its 10th anniversary several months from now. I hope everyone has a great New Year’s and a great 2017 overall. There should be fun times ahead with Switch on the horizon!

Whatever you want to call it – an anniversary, a birthday, or anything else – Nintendo Everything has been around for nine years! We fully set up shop on October 22, 2007… and haven’t looked back since. We’ve gone through a couple of designs and a more focused approach to how we deliver the news, but on the whole, not too much has changed since then.

I don’t often get a chance to do this, but I really want to take a moment to thank each and every person who stops by Nintendo Everything. Whether you’re a one-time visitor or a regular news tipper, know that you’re extremely appreciated. It goes without saying that Nintendo Everything wouldn’t be what it is without you all. As corny as it sounds, it absolutely holds true.

I also have to give a massive thanks to all of the different contributors who have helped out on the site – both past and present. Matt and Jake have been brilliant with the night shift, and we recently brought in Zack, who is sparing me a few hours here and there and has been great as well. Dennis, Vincent, Phil, Jakob, and Patrick have also been on point with their reviews.

It’s an exciting time ahead. Nintendo just revealed Switch a couple of days ago, and the company’s future looks bright. I’m really looking forward to the years ahead and reporting/talking about it all here on the site.

So, that’s that. Another year in the books. One more year to go until we’re in double digits!

(By the way, we’re probably going to need to update our logo sometime soon with Switch on the way. I’ll try and see what I can do about that, but I’m no graphic artist!)

Opening on our news team

Posted on 1 year ago by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates | 6 Comments | 0 Likes

Our news team has been on a roll as of late, and now we’re ready to expand once more! We have one position open for the site’s “night shift”.

Those who are interested would need to be available on Wednesdays and Fridays at the following times:

– 1 AM PT – 4:30 AM PT
– 4 AM ET – 7:30 AM ET
– 9 AM in the UK – 12:30 PM in the UK
– 10 AM in Europe – 1:30 PM in Europe

If you’re available for 30 minutes on Saturdays/Sundays at around the starting times listed above, that’d also be a bonus, but not required!

If you’re interested, please send a short message here, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Please note that this is a non-paid position.

Site issues (8/9/16)

Posted on 1 year ago by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates | 18 Comments | 0 Likes

Update (8/10): After working on the issues through the night, we believe that all should be fixed. We have not encountered any problems loading pages, and all 502 errors have disappeared. If you encounter anything suspicious, let us know!

Original (8/9): If you’ve attempted to visit Nintendo Everything over the past day or so, you’ve likely encountered an error at some point. We’ve actually gone a long while without any major issues, but unfortunately, we are experiencing problems to start out the week.

So here’s the thing: we’re aware the site is not running smoothly at the moment. It isn’t dead by any means, but I know that folks are having regular issues loading different pages. We’ve spent a good chunk of yesterday looking into the situation, and today as well. To say that I haven’t had much time to rest over the past 24 hours would probably be an understatement!

I don’t have any estimate as to when everything will be fully restored just yet. I’ll share another update as soon as there’s something new to report though. Until then, I do appreciate your patience, and I apologize for the inconvenience. News posts will continue as normal – as much as possible anyway!

We’re kicking off something very, very exciting on Nintendo Everything today. That’s right – as the title says, we’re starting our own line of comics!

Comics are something we’ve tinkered around before (years ago), but only in extremely early stages. We’ve also never had anything materialize from early discussions until now.

For Nintendo Everything’s official comics, we’ve teamed up with Don O’Herlihy who runs Wind-up Dog Animation. Don approached me about working together last year, though it wasn’t until recently that we began putting our plan into action.

It’s true that there are a lot of web comics out there. That being said, I felt like I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Don. I sincerely believe that he’s an extremely talented individual, and I’m a big fan of his art style.

So without further ado, here’s our very first comic (click to see a larger version):

Nintendo Everything comic-1

As you can see, our debut comic is seven panels long. Most would probably be about half of that – we’re estimating four panels. The tentative plan is to have a new comic ready every Saturday. Although most will feature our own original characters that tie into Nintendo in different ways, we’ll be sprinkling in other things from time to time like this one-shot Zelda comic. Don may also prepare some other goodies aside from comics for the site down the road, but that’s a topic for another day.

With the explanations out of the way, let us know what you think about our first comic! All feedback will be taken into consideration from here on out. We’re sort of in a “beta” stage right now, so comments may influence where we take the comic from here.

Moving on from Patreon

Posted on 1 year ago by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates | 21 Comments | 5 Likes

It’s kind of amazing what a year can do. At this time last year, I was seriously concerned about Nintendo Everything’s future. I wasn’t sure if the site would continue, and for how long. That was really just the result of the society we live in. I love working on the site each day (well, aside from never sleeping!), but because of our poor financial situation, it would have been impossible to continue at our current pace.

That’s why we ended up trying Patreon last year. It did definitely help NE out a bit, and I can’t stress enough that I’m extremely thankful to those who contributed. But now I’m very happy to say that we no longer need any donations. Some elements came together extremely quickly this week where I now feel much better regarding the site’s financial state. I have no idea what will happen down the road, but for now, things are looking great.

We do have one last order of business! Our final giveaway winner is Jacob Turkowitch. We’ll be in touch shortly to arrange the sending of your prize.

Once again, thank you for the support during this past year!

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