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Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony issue join statement against US tariffs on China

Posted on June 26, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Many technology companies aren’t in favor of new tariffs against Chinese goods that have been proposed by President Donald Trump and his administration. Apple has filed a public comment, as have Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony – under a joint statement.

The three companies say that 96 percent of video game consoles imported to the United States in 2018 were from China. If supply chains were to be moved, costs could be increased above and beyond inflated prices from tariffs. Developers could also be impacted by the lack of new consoles sold since they would be selling fewer games.

A portion of the letter reads:

“A change in even a single supplier must be vetted carefully to mitigate risks of product quality, unreliability and consumer safety issues. Tariffs would significantly disrupt our companies’ businesses and add significant costs that would depress sales of video game consoles and the games and services that drive the profitability of this market segment.”

You can read Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony’s full comment here.


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