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Nintendo reveals eShop improvements: DLC, demos, PC/smartphone support

Posted on October 27, 2011 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Satoru Iwata has detailed the eShop-related improvements that will be made available through a system update late next month. Iwata primarily discussed DLC, demos and enhancements to the download process. He also teased revealed upcoming PC/smartphone functionality for the shop.

Iwata shared the following information with investors:

– Once a title is released, a developer can add content to it through the eShop
– Nintendo believes more developers will now increase the amount of titles for the shop
– Publishers can provide demos to consumers
– These demos can be limited by the number of trials
– Over one million reviews have been contributed worldwide for titles on the eShop
– Can download software while 3DS is in sleep mode with the update
– This will put an end to users having to wait patiently while several software titles are downloading at the same time or while a title with a large-file size is downloading
– Access eShop through the Web
– This means you can get to the shop on PCs or smartphones
– Nintendo wants to solve the issue of information (including reviews) being restricted to the eShop only
– If a game receives high marks from consumers, a majority of people won’t know about it unless they access the shop on the 3DS; Nintendo wants to change this in the future
– Won’t be able to purchase software directly on your PC/smartphone at the beginning
– Take a photo of a QR code at the eShop by using the 3DS camera
– 3DS will then open that specific page on the eShop
– This function will be included in the system update in November
– Nintendo will allow consumers to buy software directly on their PC/smartphone


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