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No DLC planned for The Conduit, may be available in sequel

Posted on September 13, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Mini-update: I thought I’d transcribe the part about friend codes to make things clearer…

“We are working very closely with Nintendo. We’re looking at some possibilities and some options. If we have to use friend codes, which, you know, we probably will…I’ll just say that and make that admission right now…But we’re going to make it as streamlined and as fast as possible…Every time Nintendo has come out with a new multiplayer game, which you’ll notice, other than EA, Nintendo first-party games are the only ones that have multiplayer…Every time they’ve done that, there have been small improvements to the system and, you know, we’re going to try and build up on that as well and work with them to make it even more improved than it has been in the past. I mean we definitely want gamers to know that we’re not completely all hyped up about friend codes, especially in the first iterations of games that it was used in and we are definitely interested in getting the best online experience you can get. We’re not by any means fans of friend codes…We’re looking at every possible option we can possibly have to just get you guys online and playing games with friends as fast as possible.”

Folks have to realistically understand it’s Nintendo’s system, it’s their console. We have to have their permission and their signoff for whatever we put into the game. And if friend codes are what it is, that’s what it’s gonna be…”

Rob Nicholls from High Voltage Software, in an audio interview with Nintendo Radio, revealed that there are no plans to make DLC available in The Conduit. It was explained that the decision was partially due to the fact that the Wii is very limited from a storage standpoint. However, Nicholls also added that although DLC will be absent from the first game, High Voltage would consider it for the sequel (most likely if Nintendo created a storage solution at that point.)

Here are some more important points from the interview, some of which we’ve heard about before:

– The Conduit’s control scheme partially based on Metroid, Medal of Honor
– Gimmicky Wii waggle is limited because they didn’t want to disrupt the pacing of the game – Other ideas concerning waggle are a “little more out there,” might be considered for the sequel
– Trying to get a lot of “Oh my God” moments in the game, things you wouldn’t expect
– If you want, you can pay attention to the story or just ignore it
– Definitely looking into WiiSpeak and MotionPlus – Will only incorporate them they aren’t afterthoughts
– If the developers have to use friend codes (and they admit they will probably have to), they will make it as streamlined and fast as possible. Still looking at every possible option.
– 3 types of weapons: Alien weapons, human weapons, weapons you get from Trust
– Once again, can’t do splitscreen with the graphics-level (Developers weren’t trying to tick off gamers. Rendering has to be displayed with different angles two times.) Will look into it in the future. Looking into some types of co-op play. Possibly come up with a seperate co-op mode (not the story mode)
– Have not started a second Conduit. Sequel a part of negotiations with publisher

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