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Nobunaga’s Ambition: Awakening update (version 1.0.4) available now, patch notes

Posted on September 19, 2023 by in News

A new update has been released for Nobunaga’s Ambition: Awakening, bringing the game to version 1.0.4 on Switch. This update is quite extensive, providing a number of small additional features designed to improve the overall gameplay experience. The usual bug fixes are also present. You can get the full details below:

Functional Improvements and Adjustments

  • Added a Direct Talk for recommending surrender before the start of a siege under certain conditions.
  • Added a feature to edit the birth year, lifespan, and affiliated castles for multiple custom officers at once.
  • Added a feature to select multiple officers for the land measure commands “Bolster Crops” and “Improve Commerce”.
  • Added a feature to employ multiple officers at once.
  • Added a feature to relieve all dominions and substitutes at once, and changed the condition to auto appoint substitutes to unconditional.
  • Add a feature to display a red mark for unread events and hearsay.
  • Added a new camera zoom level for sieges.
  • Added a setting to skip specific presentations, such as “reporting of resolved territorial problem” or “reporting of completed castle town facility”.
  • Adjusted the disaster animation duration, and added a setting to skip animations.
  • Added a feature to accept small target submission automatically.
  • Achieving “Regional Unity” or “Offer to the three positions” is now possible even with subordinate forces.
  • Cleared marks will be displayed even when ending is achieved while using the editing feature.
  • Earning achievements or trophies is now possible even while using the editing feature.
  • Settlement seizure will not be released when a castle is fallen by siege.
  • Officer’s loyalty will decrease when a castle is fallen through sieges, just like castle assaults.
  • When taking back counties affiliated to a main base or a defensive base, settlement seizure will not be released even if a siege is temporary unavailable.
  • Strengthened the “Surrender Negotiations” submission.
  • The “Absorb Vassals” submission will now occur to clans that has been appointed as Conservator Émigré.
  • Adjusted the actions taken by units automatically.
  • Added a feature to check the locations of large farms and large fairs for “Landmark / Major Settlement View”.
  • Added a setting to display animations for authority happening across the country.
  • Added a feature to skip event battles you have already won.
  • Reduced the amount of messages shown in several situations, including when deciding the prisoner’s treatment.
  • Added a feature to change the size, or hide the information of the castle on the main screen.
  • Adjusted the size of the log shown on the bottom right of the main screen.
  • Adjusted several English texts.

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to stop during sieges under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to stop when an enemy surrenders during sieges.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues around officer affiliation at the beginning of a scenario.
  • Fixed an issue that caused units to slip through key points.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Absorb Vassals” submission to not occur when all the clans are a vassal.
  • Fixed an issue that when a daimyō is marching and a female officer appears, a wrong origin country was registered to the female officer.
  • Fixed an issue that other clans won’t start a siege if a player unit was sent as reinforcements.
  • Fixed the owner of the “Spear of the Dawn” tactic.
  • Fixed an issue that a certain event won’t occur.
  • Fixed several settings for certain scenarios.
  • Fixed other minor issues such as typos.


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