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Pokemon Duel balance update: coming tomorrow, changes detailed

Posted on July 11, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in Mobile, News

A fairly sizeable patch is hitting Pokemon Duel tomorrow, and it’ll bring with it quite a few balance updates. Here’s what’s changing:


  • Changed the effect of Still (Snorlax can’t be affected by any special conditions other than Sleep)
  • Increased the power of Body Slam to 110; can now paralyze
  • Increased the power of Pound to 70; increased wheel size
  • Decreased miss wheel size


  • Changed the effect of Flame Acceleration (adds plus 10 to the damage value for each Pokemon in your PC)


  • Increased the wheel size of Fire Blast
  • decreased the wheel size of Gust


  • Techno Charge’s effect now lasts until the next time Techno Blast is used


  • Increased the Power of Vice Grip to 50
  • Increased the wheel size of Guillotine and Seismic Toss
  • decreased miss wheel size


  • New ability Spontaneous Evolution: allows Eevee to evolve when it moves from the PC to the bench
  • Replaced Tackle with Quick Attack


  • New ability Compound Eyes: if this Pokemon has evolved and one of its attacks land on a miss, it will shift to an attack next to it


  • Increased the wheel size of Ember
  • Decreased the wheel size of Tackle


  • New ability Fire Leak: Grass and Bug type Pokemon are burned when attacking Torchic
  • Switched position of Ember and Peck
  • Increased the wheel size of Ember
  • Decreased the wheel size of Peck and miss


  • Swarm ability now includes Ledian
  • Increased the wheel size of Double-Edge
  • Decreased miss wheel size


  • Harden can now withstand attacks of up to 100 power


  • When using Acrobatics, you can now select where Fletchling will move


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