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Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light details

Posted on January 16, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

A few old details, but most are news…

– Ukelele Pichu lives on Drop Island in Oblivia, accompanies you throughout your journey
– The ukelele plays music when electricity is used on it
– Game similar to previous Pokemon Ranger titles, play the game with
– Use a Capture Disc from the Capture Styler to obtain a Pokemon, who will then let you use its powers
– You’ll eventually be able to use a Ranger Sign to call out to past Pokemon
– Releasing March 6 in Japan
– Game has a capture mini-game, DS needs to be held sideways
– 4 player co-op for mission system
– Wi-Fi mission downloads (first will give you Deoxys)
– Can bring Deoxys to different Pokemon titles
– 4 Deoxys forms (Attack, Speed, Normal, Defense), different skills for different forms
– Form you get is based on how you finished a mission
– Preorders on January 29
– Can play a demo at a Nintendo Zone DS Station


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