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Project Downfall, retro-style cyberpunk shooter, coming to Switch

Posted on October 18, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Project Downfall

Original (8/9): RedDeerGames, along with MGP Studios and Solid9, today announced that Project Downfall is on the way to Switch. Those interested in the title can pick it up later in 2023.

Project Downfall is a retro-style cyberpunk shooter. It features semi-tactical combat with a style inspired by arcade games, but with a modern effect.

Thanks to RedDeerGames, we have the following overview:

Use superpowers, ruthless strength, a variety of weapons, stimulants and ultra-fast dexterity to cleanse the city of everything and everyone that is evil and filthy. With multiple choices and consequences, action will be swift, violent and vicious, not without impact on your body and psyche.

To overcome all enemies of law and order you will need to use everything in your arsenal: superpowers, upgrades, medkits in increased doses, anything that gives you an edge.

Reflexes, quick action and environmental awareness count here. Remember – there is no possibility of regeneration of health, in addition, you also have to pay attention to the system of sanity – so you have to give it your all.

Take your time, the plot is non-linear, with a huge number of additional events along the way and as many as 12 different endings.

The world’s divisions have completely shifted, with two mega-states wielding power with completely different political systems – the EU/Transatlantic States and Novorussian Federation.

On the border of the two giants, grew the first European “free” mega-city – Crimson Tide – which made an approach to combine the values of the two states and live in balance.

In Project Downfall you will be thrown into the middle of the mega-creation which is the Crimson Tide. Here, the rule is exercised not by politicians, but by corporations – the richer the greater their power. And here citizens are kept in check with coercive medications. But they obviously don’t know about it….

You will take on the role of a subordinate employee of one of the corporations. Being a privileged man, you want to give something from yourself to the state. Thus, as a self-proclaimed hero, you go out at night to cleanse the city of anything that threatens its peace.

Key Features

– Dynamic mix of action, adventure, cyberpunk, neons and blood,
– Unique combat mechanics (such as pills, superkick, slammer, adrenaline slide/ jump and more),
– Superpowers where reflexes, environmental awareness and quick thinking are crucial,
– Retro-styled, savage visuals,
– Non-linear, multi-choice plot with many additional events and possibilities, with 12 different endings,
– Sanity system and no health regeneration.

We’ve attached a trailer for Project Downfall below.

Teaser Trailer

Update (10/18): RedDeerGames has now confirmed it will be available this November. Check out a new trailer below.

Official Trailer

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