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Psychological horror game Things Too Ugly announced for Switch

Posted on March 6, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Things Too Ugly

Today, publisher Baltoro Games and developer Professor Space Games announced their new title Things Too Ugly. It’ll be appearing on Switch during the second half of 2024.

Things Too Ugly, a first-person interactive psychological horror game, features puzzle-solving, investigative work, and narrative exploration. The action is set against the mysterious backdrop of 1986 along the Mississippi River.

Here’s some additional information:

Welcome to TEREBRO INC., 1986. Your assignment as a Risk Assessment Data Processor begins tonight. A workspace awaits, where the legacy of the corporation teeters on the brink of the secrets you’ll uncover.

Entrusted with TEREBRO INC.’s archives, you’ll delve into a trove of documents and recordings, each piece a fragment of its hidden history. Amid the relics of its operations, discern the truths that could either fortify or fracture the company’s future.

Beneath the dim glow of a desk lamp and the moon’s watchful eye, your office becomes the stage for this nocturnal vigil. With the static hum of a radio for company, you’ll sift through data, connecting dots drawn across time. The voice of your supervisor, distant yet direct, guides your journey into the archives, challenging you to piece together a narrative that should perhaps remain uncovered.

Armed with a GPS, an encoder device, and more—you stand as the arbiter of history. Each document, each decision, brings you closer to either preserving a legacy or uncovering a truth too potent to ignore.

As the night deepens, so does the mystery. What truths lay buried within TEREBRO INC.’s past, and what will you choose to do with them? The fate of the company reputation hangs in balance.

Will you be its guardian or its destroyer?

Things Too Ugly is a first-person, interactive psychological horror that combines elements of puzzle-solving, investigative work, and narrative exploration. As a player, you will engage with a variety of challenges, ranging from logical deductions to deciphering encoded messages.

Check out a trailer for Things Too Ugly below.

Gameplay Trailer


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