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Rare not upset that Nintendo didn’t request Conker, Banjo in Smash Bros.

Posted on September 20, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

This information comes from Rare’s latest Scribes update…

“Well, it was hardly surprising: Conker had only appeared in DKR at that point and Banjo-Kazooie was in development at the same time as Smashy.”

Really, I have to agree with Rare here. Besides, there were only 12 characters in the original Smash Bros. and you could argue that Banjo and Conker were not established characters at that point.

This news is a little more surprising, though:

“Memory tells me there were almost a boatload of Rare character trophies in Melee at one point, but it never happened.”

Melee came out in 2001, but Rare was bought out by Microsoft in 2002. It’s certainly possible that the acquisition – even though it occurred after the game’s release – was some sort of a contributing factor for the loss of Rare trophies in the game.

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