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Rumor: Switch 2 to support physical and digital backwards compatibility, games can be enhanced

Posted on February 11, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Switch 2

Rumors about Switch 2 continue, with a new report claiming to have insight into backwards compatibility.

Tidbits were relayed by Universo Nintendo (an outlet that has been accurate with Nintendo Directs and shared the name of Sonic x Shadow Generations before its reveal) via Portuguese podcast X do Controle by PH BrazilThe new device will supposedly be fully backwards compatible, meaning both physically and digitally. Games made for the current Switch should work on the system’s successor.

Something else being thrown around is that games made for the original Switch could see a boost on the next console. It’ll be up to developers to take advantage of the added processing power.

The current Switch is in no way backwards compatible with prior Nintendo hardware. However, that was a bit of a break for the company. Nintendo has a long history of offering backwards compatibility such as Game Boy and Game Boy Color support on the GBA, playable DS titles on 3DS, GameCube support on Wii, and Wii support on Wii U.

We have a few other details unrelated to backwards compatibility as well. We’re apparently looking at a March reveal for Switch 2. In the meantime, there could be a Nintendo Direct next week (and it might be a Partner Showcase) while a Pokemon presentation is rumored for this month as well – that isn’t too surprising given Pokemon Day is just on the horizon.


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